“Ned has this indescribable ability to draw out my dormant side, and he does so with such ease… I felt like I’ve been doing this my whole life… He made me feel sweet and venomous and magical all at the same time.” – Ann Narky

“I loved working with Ned. I felt extremely comfortable and he captured some very natural shots that Ive been using to help promote my djing” – Alex Mei

“Ned is a joy to work with. He really saw me and captured something ethereal that nobody else has come close to capturing.” – Lu Lee

“Ned Tobin is a pleasure to work with and has an eye for bringing out the beauty in everything he photographs. I would highly recommend working with him!” – Audrey Hipturn

“I’ve done numerous shoots with Ned and he’s always such a pleasure to work with! He’s professional, yet relaxed and easy-going. Ned’s quite the artist and super easy to collaborate with. He’s so talented at capturing just the perfect moment!” – AmyLynn Emm

“Ned is a pleasure to work with. He is professional and collaborative in his approach, welcoming input and feedback from the model. He also establishes a relationship of trust, which is essential for any shoot to be successful.” – Saori Sloan

“Ned’s lens is exceptional at bringing the light from someone’s eyes into the whole frame of his lens. Honest, raw, emotional and at times ethereal.” ~ Tristan Risk

“Working with Ned was a great experience, he has a very calm and respectful personality, which helps a lot for anyone who isn’t used to semi nude/full nude photoshoots.

He was also very mindful of the feeling and emotions behind the shoot, I felt very comfortable with expressing my vision and working through the different aspects of it with him.

Ned allowed me to play with movement and feelings, never sticking to just one emotion or spot we moved around a lot and played with it, the result being shots that look like they were taken from a beautiful moment in my life and not just a staged event/photo.” ~ Voodoo Pixie

“Professional yet easy going, Ned made me feel comfortable the entire time we worked together, from beginning to end; the photos are beautiful and he has a unique style which captures raw natural beauty, turning it into visual poetry.” ~ Delilah Diabolic

“Ned is a pleasure to shoot with. He has good energy and a fun attitude. He is great at communicating before, during and after the shoot to make sure the end product is a good one. He’s very talented and I would recommend working with him to anyone.” ~ Amanda Swan