Why Paid?

Voodoo Pixie nude in the forest by Deneot Foto

An image can – and should – make you instantly fall in love, that’s the power it has. That quick. It’s happened to me, and I’m sure it’s happened to you. Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with one of my photographs already? I’d like that.

Deneot aims to delight upon your thoughts a romantic air, indeed. This is a romantic waltz down a foggy street, leaving a fuzzy dew upon your stirred inclinations like the morning breath of a pixie.

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Print magazines along the top rack of your friendly neighborhood corner store sell about as good as Grandma’s second hand sneakers. Often times, unless you’re a top tier photographer, being in one of those popular magazines comes with no royalty cheque at all. Traditional avenues of getting paid as a photographer have shifted. Even galleries demand fees to enter contests, and if you win, there are even more fees pay for being in the awards show. If you sell at the show, each sale has on average a 20% commission paid out to the gallery. For e-zines and community blogs it’s the same story: you pay a fee to them for posting your images.

I photograph, produce, and publish all of Deneot’s photographs, and that is not going to change. Up until this point, I have dedicated myself to publishing this art for free.

You’re reading this because you’ve seen Deneot’s photographs and they’ve intrigued you. This site offers you a way to say: “Thank you, I appreciate your photographs.” This site offers you a direct contribution to my work.

Delilah Diabolic nude in the forest with photographer deneot in Vancouver, BC


With your help, I will be able to dive deeper into my art. I will also be able to show collaborators the respect that they deserve for their very necessary part in this creation. Up until now, my creative visions are done on a very tight budget. Models, makeup artists, and hair stylists are so necessary for these visions, and must not be undervalued! They are each so valuable in encouraging the little touches that allow a story to sprout. Imagine Rapunzel with a crew cut and short dark hair! With your help I will be able to pay collaborators for their amazing work and participation. Talent deserves recognition.

With your help, I will be able to purchase key accessories and props for photoshoots that will help accentuate the message and mood. As much as I like to depend on a bag of tricks myself, and more often the model carries with them, being able to support local artists and designers by buying their unique creations will help me and you support a culture of artistry. Imagine Snow White without a glass slipper!

With your help, I will be able to reach locations that make sense for the photograph being taken. Though I value being a location shooter able to work in any location I come across, to travel to an out of the way location requires gas and transportation costs and sometimes location rental. My aim is not to do boudoir beach photographs in Hawaii or Bali that we’ve all seen in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues, and neither is my goal to copy Hustler’s prototype of glamour in a penthouse hotel suite. No, my art is to juxtapose what you know with a surreal aspect of a dream, without you being sold a destination or an article of clothing or a body modification that’s cool.

Audrey Hipturn in a sea of nachos


This site offers you an opportunity to join a community of Thank You, a community of support not only with double taps and hearts, but with pledges for the future.

It is no secret that bands loose most of their profits to producers and record labels. Artists pay galleries commissions. Years ago, photographers would get paid for photo-assignments and fashion photoshoots. Today, there isn’t a photographer around who hasn’t been asked to do traditionally paying gigs for free, and then requested to hand over the full resolution images without any claim to copyright!

The internet has opened up the communication between photographer and viewer. You and me are in this together. This also means the middle man, the traditional publishers who used to take their fair share cuts from everyone, is now cut out. As the viewer, traditionally you would showed your patronage in buying a magazine, buying a print. Much like many buy a coffee every morning, magazines used to be sold right along with them. Today we have our iPhones and Instagram that gives us access to the same awesome content, but usually without a fee.

Your subscription says to me: “Thank you for showing me romance again. This is my direct help to make sure you continue.” Your subscription will give me the space required to move you.

In return, I’ll give you content so juicy your phone will heat up.

2015.10.25 - Bunny Sumthin - deneot foto - melancholic ocean (388 of 723)


You can connect with me on Instagram or Facebook where I post regularly censored content, but your subscription is a way for you to directly say: “Thank you.”

On this website, you pick your time frame for subscribing. On Patreon, you do not have to sign up for any set amount of time, you will not be penalized for stopping at any time. You will see that I have developed Reward levels for a Patronage you are comfortable with, you also get kickback sand perks.

Perks, give backs. Not all just take. My way of saying: “Thank you for supporting me.” My way of recognizing what you’re doing.

I’m offering you not just to fall in love, but to fall hopelessly in love.

Your support means everything.

much love,